Siting sculpture in the outdoor setting

Monolith (Optic) 2016, Conrad Shawcross, Frieze Sculpture Park, London

Shawcross has overlaid perforated steel panels to create a monolith that initially appears as an industrial piece of solid utilitarian purposeful material. To enhance this effect he has used special techniques used to camouflage ships.

The fascination with with these beautiful pieces of steel is the way in which they change as the viewer navigates the the sculpture. The Monolith becomes a sublime and poetic form as its surface starts to dissolve through shimmers and oscillations.

Clare Lilley, head programmer at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Frieze Sculpture Park, London,  deliberately sited the Monolith on the most open East-West access of the park for the sun to activate the surface of the work.

Such careful and thoughtful curating is directly transferable to the placing of art, furniture and planters in a garden design. It always fascinates me to see these direct parallels across the art forms.