A wet, muddy, sleep-deprived & intense build of this fabulous design earns the show garden not only a Gold Medal but also the Best in Show & Best Construction awards.


I am honoured to have been so involved in the realisation of this striking and well designed contemporary garden by Millie Souter, a former student (Inchbald graduate) and now good friend.

Entered for the RHS Cardiff category 'Urban Regeneration,' it was designed to use inexpensive, accessible materials in an imaginative way. The strongest example of this is the bold use of disused water tanks, which were found while out walking and reimagined into arresting reservoirs with a new folded steel rill as the gardens main feature.

Industrial block work adds clean contemporary lines and emphasises the strong, coherent grid we see on the ground and vertical planes.

All this is softened by rich, textural planting including massed mounds of Pinus mugo and a Rhododendron, contrasting with delicate wisps of Luzula sylvatica flowers and a fluid injection of Euphorbia amygdaloides 'Robbiae'.

My role was multi-faceted but might perhaps be described, in no particular order, as nursery manager, planter, stress absorber, right-hand woman decision maker, encourager, wall scrubber, floor cleaner, mobile phone charger and data provider, banter with the guys provider and evening gin drinking partner.

Whatever my role title, it was an amazing experience for all involved, including the landscape construction team from Urban Landscapes, Cardiff. It was an intensive experience for all the guys but the smiles on their faces when they saw the finished garden made it all worthwhile. The Best Construction award was the absolute cherry on the cake for them. 

Well done to the whole team. And what a team.

So fabulously well done Mille.